Zeehonden Kijken Texel - Het Sop Speedy

Spot seals on texel with the speedboat from Sop Speedy

Step aboard and join us for seal spotting on Texel with Sop Speedy’s speedboat, the fastest adventure along Texel’s coast!
For an unforgettable seal tour on Texel, we sail daily with 12 people from the harbor of Oudeschild along the coast at high speed over the sea to the sandbanks near Texel. On and around the sandbanks, there are often large groups of white and grey seals, making it the most suitable place to watch seals.
We can get very close with the speedboat without disturbing them. Bring your camera, because you’ll get some great shots!
The boat sails to and from the seals at high speed and can reach up to 75 kilometers per hour. An adventure during your holiday on Texel that you won’t soon forget!

Check our boat trips page for available tickets and buy them online directly.
Be quick because tickets can sell out fast, and once full, it’s full.

Seal watching on Texel
with seal guarantee

During a seal tour on Texel we guarantee that you will be able to spot seals. With Sop Speedy we therefore provide a 99% seal guarantee.